Sunday, July 8, 2012

New DVD Now Ready to Ship!

Hi Everyone, We are pleased to announce that the new companion DVD for the book Bagua Linked Palms is now ready to ship. If you would like a copy, please contact Scott at You can also purchase copies from Plum Publishing on the internet at I sincerely hope everyone likes the new DVD. It follows the book step by step plus adding lots of practice tips and self-defense applications. (And now on to the companion video for Bagua Swimming Body Palms!)


Anonymous said...

I've looked everywhere, but no DVD. Plum Publishing offers a complete grove of plum trees, but I didn't see the Bagua DVD by Kent.
Is this thing so top secret, you could tellme....?
How much does it cost and where on the internet is it?

Kent Howard said...

Try this address:

for a notice about the DVD. The price should be around $30. You can also contact us directly at and we will ship to you from our school.