Friday, August 19, 2011

Announcing New Bagua Zhang Seminars!

We are now offering seminars on Wang Shujin's Bagua Zhang! This series of workshops will cover Wang's entire Bagua Zhang curriculum from walking the circle to advanced weapons training. A partial list of seminar topics is listed below. Please contact us for more information:

OUR MISSION: Very few instructors are teaching Wang Shujin’s authentic Bagua Zhang to the general public. It is our goal that these teachings reach a wider audience through open instruction to all who are interested. It is in that spirit of unfettered access that we offer these seminars with the aim of preserving Master Wang’s teachings for posterity.

OUR SEMINAR PHILOSOPHY: Our goal is to teach only what can be understood, assimilated, and retained within the time frame of the training. It is expected that all participants will take home the knowledge and muscle memory to establish a meaningful home practice.

Bagua Zhang Basic Training (one to two days)
Basic training in Bagua Zhang including: stretching, breathing, conditioning, zhan zhuang standing meditation, stepping, circle walking, forms training, and combat theory and practice. This material is perfectly suited for those looking for a basic introduction to a lifetime practice of Bagua Zhang.

Wang Shujin’s First Form: Bagua Linked Palms (two days)
Wang Shujin’s basic form as taught in his book, Bagua Linked Palms. Curriculum includes basic warm ups, qigong, basic body principle and energy development exercises; stepping and circle walking; instruction in all eight forms in the set; and at least two self defense applications for each form.

Wang Shujin’s Second Form: Bagua Swimming Body Palms (two days)
This advanced form builds on the foundation learned in Bagua Linked Palms but frees the movements to flow more smoothly and change spontaneously. There is more spiraling and spinning in this form, and fluid footwork is essential to its proper application. Striking and controlling while in motion are two elemental principles taught throughout the set. Advanced combat applications taught include evading, encircling, and entrapping.

Wang Shujin’s Bagua Weapon Forms: Staff, Double Sword, and Cane (one to two days)
Master Wang taught several distinctive weapon forms. The cane, or walking stick; a staff form featuring an eyebrow-height stick; and a set featuring two double-edged straight swords, taiji jian. The double sword set is fairly simple, the other two more complex.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Have Faith! It's Coming!

We are making progress on the video for Bagua Linked Palms, and it is getting dangerously close to being finished. We are now adding voice-overs and music. The editing should be done within a week or so. Then we have to figure out the best way to burn copies, print labels, mail, etc. We shall sell them from this site and also from eBay, Amazon, and other commercial outlets. More info very soon!