Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bagua Linked Palms the Movie!

We are delighted, and relieved, that the companion video to the first book, Bagua Linked Palms, by Wang Shujin, is nearly completed. It will feature in-depth instruction in the eight palm changes, plus self-defense applications. A little taste is up on right now.


Mo said...

Great Kent. When do you plan to release it for good?

Lumiere du Tao

Anonymous said...

The new book is wonderful Kent. Looking forward to finally seeing the video completed.

Charles C.

Muan said...

Bought both books and they are excellent. Very thoughtfully presented. Pls advise where I can buy the DVDs.

Kent Howard said...

I will post the information when it becomes available. Thanks!

willsav said...

Great video, I have tried a hard core martial art , and was doing my forms. When I tried your movement to cool down. I could feel the benifits thru my whole body.
Kent I must have a video,for health reasons, your a great teacher of the art. Please let me know , when it comes out. Thank you.

Kent Howard said...

We are working hard to get the video out within the next month or so. We are as anxious to finish it as you are to view it! You are right, of course, in your comment about bagua and health. Beyond the obvious martial utility, bagua is also a great life-enhancing exercise.

williamc said...

Hello Kent,

Although I don't really practice Bagua, I've been amazed at the energetic effect of the little bit that I've tried in a couple of weekend seminars. Your Wang Shujin books are obviously a labor of love. Are there any teachers in the Massachusetts area that you think highly of?