Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bagua Swimming Body Palms, by Wang Shujin

The manuscript for our translation of Wang Shujin's second book on Bagua Zhang, Bagua Swimming Body Palms, was just sent to the publisher, Blue Snake Books. But before it has even gotten through the first edit, Random House, the distributor, has already asked for a cover. Well, here it is. I think the designers at Blue Snake have done a good job keeping with the theme of the first. It won't be out until early 2011, but I will try to get some excerpts up here soon.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are continuing work on this project, Kent. I'm looking forward to seeing the new book! Student R. Greenebaum

Kent Howard said...

Hope you are still practicing, Student R. Greenebaum! Good to hear from you. Let's talk soon!

Tina said...

Thank you, Kent, for transmitting Master Wang Shujin's treaching for modern publication. I'm sure it was a labor of love. The book will be invaluable for the form, & the photographs are very special, I'm sure. Felicidades!

Iago de Otto said...

Kent, most excellent. I agree that the cover work maintains the theme from the precious book. That is a very powerful picture. Could you post some of the original Chinese so that I can take a look at it? Doug

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent, I have recently purchased your book 'Bagua Linked Palms' and want to congratulate you for producing this excellent title. I live in New Zealand and have been unable to find a Bagua instructor in my city (let alone my country). I want to learn Bagua Zhang and without a sifu, your book is a highly valuable resource. I have seen your clips on youtube and would like to enquire if you have a full length dvd available for someone in my position?
Many thanks for your works.
Kind regards
Michael Wells.

Ali Zaid Anwar said...

Hi Kent, I'm also enjoying your first book now and planing to get the second one.

The clips are wonderful, and I would love to have them in higher quality DVD, I though I can buy it from Amazon or someone else, but no luck, could you please point out where I can get it? I consider these clips very valuable, and I would really like to have them in my library with any productions by you.

Thanks for being a great teacher :)

Ali Anwar

Stefan said...

Hi Kent, like Michael Wells I´m also waiting for the anounced DVD on the "Linked Palms".
Thank you for your work,

Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Steve,I live in Japan.I purchased one of your books,and would be grateful if you could infom me when the dvd will be out.Yours,Steve Sharp.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Howard I'd like to thank you for taking the time to translate Mr. Shujin's books. I've been studying tai chi for some time now and have found interest in examining Bagua. It is difficult to learn only from a book. The DVD you produced on Linked Palms has been a great aid. Any idea when the companion to Swimming Body Palms will be available?
Lee Thompson